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Research and innovations eduVR is a multi-element system for VR and AR enhanced education in primary and secondary schools  Traditional education systems have been implementing the same learning models for decades. Today, teachers are standing in front of their students just like they did a hundred years ago. Education is one of



Research and innovations dentalVR – a VR-based platform to increase comfort, reduce pain and help in oral hygiene education for patients during dental treatments  Dental procedures often evoke pain and fear in dental patients. Dentists and patients alike want to know how to make dental work less traumatic — and one possible


The Paulina Project

VRR is Here to Help The Paulina Project – a multi-element system and human-machine interface for patients suffering different stages of MS (Multiple Sclerosis)  Patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, as the disease progresses, are struggling with increasing mobility and communication limitations. As a result, both work and ordinary daily activities become

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What is nefroVR? NefroVR – a VR-based device that increases efficiency of hemodialysis The process of hemodialysis is slow, repetitive and uncomfortable. Patients often perceive it as time taken from their lives with a sense of ineluctability and emptiness, engendering a negative emotional and cognitive perception of the world and one's


About us

We are a team of designers, scientists, inventors and artists, exploring the wide field of visual communication. We spend a lot of our time on thinking, sketching and talking.
We treat every research project as a challenge and – as most people – get pleasure by winning it.

Our mission is to make the world a better place to live for everyone. For some people there are still many barriers, that need to be overcome.
Doing so with the help of creative thinking and modern technology gives us the most pleasure.