About Us


We are a team of designers, scientists, inventors and artists, exploring the wide field of visual communication. We spend a lot of our time on thinking, sketching and talking. We treat every research project as a challenge and – as most people – get pleasure by winning it.

Some of us worked for two decades in various creative industries, such as product, brand or experience design, while others spent thousands of hours on drawing, painting, modelling, filmmaking and other artistic activities.

Our mission is to make the world a better place to live for everyone. For some people there are still many barriers, that need to be overcome. Doing so with the help of creative thinking and modern technology gives us the most pleasure. And since every research requires adequate financial resources, we carry out numerous commercial projects, in which our skills are useful.

Despite the age and experience of most team members, we still like to think of ourselves as a small startup that still shapes its future business model through experiments.

Our skills

Radosław Nagay
Radosław NagayMSc
Board member and co-founder, specializes in visual communication, 2D/3D design and animation, electronics and biomedical engineering. 20yrs of professional experience.
Radosław Brzeziński
Radosław BrzezińskiMSc
Board member and co-founder, specializes in project management, natural environment protection and physical activity motivation. 20yrs of professional experience.
Patryk Grygierczyk
Patryk GrygierczykM.A.
Board member and co-founder, specializes in design thinking, 2D design, UX/UI and psychophysiology of vision. 25yrs of professional experience.
Jakub Palka
Jakub PalkaM.A.
Board member and co-founder, specializes in architecture, virtual environment design and game development. 10yrs of professional experience.
Konrad Wujciów
Konrad WujciówB.A.
Chief engineer, specializes in immersive videos and photography, electronics, game dev and programming. 10yrs of professional experience.
Jagoda Dukiewicz
Jagoda DukiewiczM.A.
Concept artist, 3D and game designer. 5yrs of professional experience.
Aneta Sieniawska
Aneta SieniawskaM.A.
3D modeler, game designer, animation specialist, 5yrs of professional experience.
Olesya Shalyapina
Project researcher, sales representative and international affairs manager. 20yrs of professional experience.